5 places you should know in Antioquia

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If you want to experience aspects such as culture, landscapes or history, or if you simply want to get out of the routine and live a quiet moment, in Antioquia you will find a plan that perfectly suits your tastes and needs.

From the silence of nature to the sounds of music on the terraces and discos, in Antioquia you will find a wide variety of plans and places to visit.

We chose 5 must-see places to visit:


It is one of the most interesting tourist places in Antioquia, you can tour the town with its characteristic plinths, visit the dam and if your physical condition allows it, climb the peñól stone.

Santa Fe de Antioquia:

It is a colonial town that was the capital of the country many years ago. If your thing is to know the history of the region, this is the ideal place to learn about the cultural and religious history of Antioquia.


A municipality full of history and coffee culture, with colonial streets, iconic places and unique coffees.

Rio Claro Canyon:

It is one of the most protected natural spaces, where you can admire the landscape, bathe in natural pools and practice water activities,

Hacienda Nápoles:

Theme park full of adventures and entertaining water activities for the whole family.

City Tour

And of course, you cannot stop doing the City Tour through the most emblematic places of Medellín, learn more about its history and fall in love with this thriving and friendly land.